Kraut und Rüben Set

i have a new set out on self-titledmag US.
a selection of historic kraut and me and other electronic.
to show influences to my “gut und irmler” album with faust’s hans joachim irmler.
i call it “Kraut und Rüben Set


“Conscious or unconscious,

[it’s] music I like to listen to—

some Kraut, some electronic.

Old mixed with new.

Overall flow is history,





White Noise – Love Without Sound
Faust – Ayi Ayi
Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
Thomas Fehlmann – Lüster
Neu! – E-Musik
Gudrun Gut – Mond
Gut und Irmler – Mandarine
Max Loderbauer – Ssseq
Wolfgang Voigt – Brücke
Michaela Melián – Place Stalingrad
Gut und Irmler – Traum
AGF – Track 02
Harmonia – Watussi
Anika – I Go to Sleep
Moondog – Down Is Up
Lucrecia Dalt – Saltacion (Gudrun Gut Remix)
Faust – Klaviernacht