Going up the Country 7inch


Side A explodes open with GG’s very own cover version of Canned Heat’s classic

Goin’ Up The Country. Gut has taken the Blues-rock hit and given it her very own punk twist.

Turn the record over for an equally astonishing B side in the form of the Brandt Brauer Frick

Ensemble remix of the track Tiger taken from the Wildlife album.

Having herself guested on the tune “Fantasie Mädchen” on BBFs new album “Miami” it

seems natural that they repay the favor by providing Gudrun with this excellent mix for the

new single, and what a job they’ve done.
For listeners who prefer a digital format, there’s a special treat in the download with a

bonus remake of the title track by long time collaborator Thomas Fehlmann, who takes the

track into the land of slow funk (vinyl excl. available on Pudel Produkte).